Mexican Caribbean Manta Ray Project

The Mexican Caribbean Manta Ray Project is a research, conservancy and educational program. In the absence of protection legislation, the project focuses upon mitigation or modification of unsustainable fishing and non-regulated tourism which are direct causes of degradation of the ecosystem affecting several manta species.

Karen Fuentes is the project leader and works in conjunction with the Manta Trust. Her work seeks improved protection of manta species and their habitats by designing new sustainable models of local community activities, which are compatible with the  conservation areas where manta populations or sightings occur. She also seeks to encourage more active government participation in marine conservation measures.

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Marine Megafauna Foundation

Simon Pierce, co-founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation, and his team are recognised as global leaders in their field of research into the lives of whale sharks. The team work on long-term studies on various aspects of feeding, mating and migratory behaviour, visiting Tanzania, Mozambique, Ecuador, Mexico, Galapagos, Philippines and Qatar, each on an annual basis.

We are particularly interested in their research into the mystery of the location of the breeding females and pups, which have very rarely been seen.

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