Ocean Giants Trust is proud to be associated with a number of the world’s leading marine conservation, research and educational organisations across the globe.

Each has been carefully selected having demonstrated clear leadership and achievement in their chosen fields of endeavour and reflect our own organisation’s core ambition, focus and values.

To develop enduring conservation solutions from pioneering research

Simon Pierce, co-founder of Marine Megafauna Foundation, and his team are recognised as global leaders in the field of research into the lives of whale sharks. The team works around the world on long term studies on various aspects of feeding, mating and migratory behaviour of these majestic ocean giants.

The Mexican Caribbean Manta Ray Project is a research, conservancy and education program, led by Karen Fuentes. Their work seeks improved protection of manta species and their habitat, by designing new sustainable models of local community activities within marine conservation areas.

To nurture local conservation and education

Sea Sense is a Tanzanian NGO that works closely with coastal communities to conserve and protect endangered marine species including whale sharks, dugongs, sea turtles, and large marine mammals, utilising innovative training, education and employment methods.

To champion international protection

LAMAVE is an NGO that seeks to spread awareness in the Philippines of the large marine animals they are working to protect; these include whale sharks, sea turtles and several species of cetaceans. LAMAVE stress the importance of habitat preservation.

To inspire a new generation of Ocean Guardians

We are developing a pioneering collaboration with Plymouth University Marine Institute, a global leader in the field of Marine Science, for the benefit of the next generation of marine Conservationists and our international partners.