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Ocean Giants Trust is an international conservation charity, which protects the ocean’s largest and most threatened marine species, and their biologically important habitats.

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Responding to the global threat of extinction to some of the most iconic species on the planet, we believe that only through integrating international research, with local marine conservation and education will Ocean Giants survive and thrive.

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Working exclusively with both internationally renowned scientists, and local project partners we offer a new, refreshing and more effective approach to the understanding and protection of Ocean Giants.

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  • Repost: @sharkeducation • 
How incredible is this image?⠀
• This is a CT scan of a neonate catshark head. •

Credit: Rory Cooper, Kyle Martin & Amin Garbout/Natural History Museum London. ⠀
Acidic oceans are corroding the tooth-like scales of shark skin - you can see the dermal denticles in this image. ⠀
FULL ARTICLE https://buff.ly/39FFvl7⠀
#catsharks #ctscan #sharkresearch #sharkscience #ocean conservation #saveourseas #savesharks #sharkfacts #sharkeducation
  • Happy Valentine’s Day! 
Reposting @mantatrust •
 This must be a white balancing mistake, right?! Wrong! This really is a PINK manta!⠀
Photographed a number of times around Lady Elliot Island on the east coast of Australia, 'Inspector Clouseau' is the only known 'pink manta'!⠀
@ProjectManta 's investigations of a small skin sample suggested no structural changes from regular samples, and there was no genetic difference noted at the broad population level.⠀
'There has not been a thorough investigation into diet or stable isotope analysis, but given the stability of the white "birthmark" (clearly seen in the second image) and pink colour over time we think diet can be ruled out. The working theory is that it is just a different and very unique expression of the melanin, but that is still to be confirmed.' - Asia Armstrong, Project Manta.⠀
Photo Credit: @kristianlainephotography & @ameliadives⠀
#pinkmanta #mantaray #reefmanta #melanism #amazingcreatures #mutation #greatbarrierreef
  • Super cool shot by @sujugasim • “They say there is strength in numbers, but sometimes there is only a chance!” #shark #sharkphotography #drone #sharkconservation #Maldives #SouthAriAtoll #WildLifePhotography
  • Elasmobranch egg cases by @nick_bezio. 
An egg case or mermaid’s purse 👛 is a tough leathery pouch which protects a developing shark or skate embreyo. They can develop within the case for up to 15 months! 
@sharkeducation: “From left to right; Spotted Ray (Raja montagui), Horned Shark (Heterosontus francisci), and Smallspotted Catshark (Scyliohinus canicula). ⠀
When sharks or rays lay egg cases it's called oviparity.” ⠀
#sharks #elasmobranchs #eggcases #sharkfacts #sharkart #catshark #hornshark #sharkreproduction #sharkscience #savesharks