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Ocean Giants Trust is an international conservation charity, which protects the ocean’s largest and most threatened marine species, and their biologically important habitats.

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Responding to the global threat of extinction to some of the most iconic species on the planet, we believe that only through integrating international research, with local marine conservation and education will Ocean Giants survive and thrive.

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Working exclusively with both internationally renowned scientists, and local project partners we offer a new, refreshing and more effective approach to the understanding and protection of Ocean Giants.

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  • Repost: @dserradell_photo • “During winter, from the end of November until the end of December/ beginning of January, hundreds of mobulas (mainly Mobula munkiana) visit the coast of Cabo San Lucas showing several aerial displays and swimming all synchronised coinciding with changing water temperatures.
Either from underwater or from the shore, witnessing that event is one of those things that remains in your retina for the rest of your life.
I love la Baja and all the creatures that live in it!” .
#oceangiants #mobula #aggregation #ogt #elasmobranch #marinebiology #marineresearch
  • Happy World Wildlife Day!
Our oceans are home to most of the life on our planet.
With estimates of more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050, how can you help?

Recycle, reuse, buy less plastic & do what you can to pick up litter off beaches. Every little bit helps. .
#worldwildlifeday #protect #conserve #recycle #oceangiants #saveouroceans #saveourplanet .

Amazing image by @peppermintnarwhal.
  • @mantamexicocaribe have created this downloadable flyer for you to learn all about manta rays! 
This knowledge plays a key role in their ongoing conservation efforts. 
#mantaresearch #conservation
#infographic #awareness
#mexico #raysoftheworld
#rays #oceangiants #ogt #mantaray #elasmobranch #research
  • Repost: @tristanguttridge •  Crazy photo of an albino juvenile scalloped hammerhead (about to be released) caused through a complete lack of melanin throughout the body! A very rare condition for elasmobranchs...note it could also be the result of leucism a similar condition that does not affect the eyes (which are left black, dark). Difficult to tell in this pic as eyes are not visible. This latter condition has been reported in a whale and swell sharks recently. Either way very crazy appearance and no doubt brings about even more challenges for this young shark to evade predators 🦈 and find food! 
Pic found via @boa_world photo credit Underwater World.

#shark #sharks #albino #leucism #sharkweek #scallopedhammerhead #hammerhead #albinoshark #sharkbiology #sharkresearch #hammerhead